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CA Black Women's Professional Leadership Certificate Program

Taking Meeting Notes

Program Overview

The California Black Women’s Collective Empowerment Institute has created the Black Women’s Professional Leadership Program, a professional development certificate program designed for Black Women who are ready to lead or new to leadership. This program is focused on providing Black Women with the tools you need to flourish in your professional lives. Black Women only represent 3% of executive leadership in the top 100 companies headquartered in California. Although, more than 360,000 Black Women work full or part time jobs, many find it difficult to move up the corporate ladder. Without mentors and sponsors, Black Women are shut out of leadership roles even if they have the skill sets and desire to reach higher professional levels.


This 10-week Saturday course is designed for California Black Women to provide you with a wide range of interactive and culturally relevant learning sessions that will enhance your leadership actions. Students will build the necessary leadership skills as you learn the plan of leadership, the process of leadership and the practice of leadership. You will leave with an authentic leadership style that includes new ways of approaching leadership, confidence, and fresh perspectives to add more value to your company/organization as well as a customized professional action plan.


The course objective is to strengthen your leadership skills and learn the process and practice of leadership to help expand your career goals. This includes conducting a self-assessment that will help you build a professional action plan with a roadmap to success. The Collective’s learning model is Plan, Process and Practice™ which curated with three modules – Plan to Lead, Process of Leadership and the Practice of Leadership. It ends with a capstone project to present a personal leadership model.


Program Details

  • This program will launch in the Fall 2023 with the first cohort.

  • The goal for the first cohort will be 25-30 students.

  • Virtual orientation is September 5, 2023.

  • Classes start on Sept. 9 at CSU Dominguez Hills with the orientation and a welcome reception to get to know students and faculty.

  • It will be broken out into three learning modules, which will last three weeks each and a capstone final project.

  • There will be a one week break between each module.

  • It’s a hybrid model with on campus and virtual classes.

  • All classes are held on Saturdays.

  • Graduates will receive diplomas, a digital badge for social media channels and 5 CECs.



The certificate program is designed for Black Women with the following:

  • At least 5 years work experience

  • Decision making experience in the current or previous role

  • People management and/or project driver expertise

  • Budget management experience

  • Clear understanding of basic business principles (e.g., growth, strategy, return on investment, policies and procedures)

  • A commitment to the program length and time allocations


Program Details

  • Faculty for the program will include subject matter experts in leadership, business and innovation from private, public, academic and entrepreneurial sectors throughout the state

  • The Collective’s learning model is Plan, Process and Practice™







  • Each class will be 6 hours, starting at 10 a.m. and ending at 4 p.m.

  • It will be broken out into several components:









  • Tuition is $1,100 for the entire program.

  • Scholarships will be available.

  • Each module is $300, and the capstone is $200.

  • Payments are due at the beginning of the program or two weeks before the start of each module and capstone.

  • Additional costs include travel, hotel accommodations and textbooks.

  • The application cost is $35.

  • The admission process includes submission of an application on the CSUDH portal, letters of recommendation and an interview with a panel.

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