Uplifting the voices and issues of California Black Women & Girls.

As a statewide, non-profit organization, we recognize the importance of uplifting the voices and issues of Black Women and Girls throughout California. We do this by creating programs and initiatives that create conversation and action that drive meaningful change. Our focus is ensuring that there is data that drive policy and practice transformation. In addition, we want Black Women and Girls to have the audacity to believe in the impossible and to experience joy in every aspect of their lives. And therefore, our programs and initiatives are anchored on these beliefs.

Voting Initiative

We’ve Saved a Seat for You, Sis!

We’ve Saved A Seat for You, Sis is our voter engagement initiative to get more Black Women in California registered to vote and engaged in the political process. 

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Fall 2024

Professional Leadership Certificate Program

The California Black Women’s Collective Empowerment Institute has created the Black Women’s Professional Leadership Program, a professional development certificate program designed for Black Women who are ready to lead or new to leadership. 

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Quality of Life Qualitative Research Project

California Black Women’s Collective Empowerment Institute, in collaboration with its research firm EVITARUS, released the first-ever California Black Women’s Quality of Life Survey. This groundbreaking study collected insights from 1,258 Black women voters across California to understand their economic state, most pressing concerns, their attitudes toward policymakers, and their experiences and issues in California.

CA Women’s Labor Reports

Each month, California Black Women’s Collective Empowerment Institute releases its analysis of the labor market data on the employment situation of Black women workers across the state of California. The data compares Black Women in California’s employment rate verses their female counterparts as well as the overall state employment rate based on the data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

CA Women’s Wages Report – Pay Me What I Am Worth

The CA Women’s Wages Report looks at wages for all Women in California. The report compares wages of Women and the overall state wage mean as well as breaks down the demographics of data of women in California by race and ethnicity, marital and parental status, work status (full time vs. part time) and educational attainment from 2017 to 2021.

Top 100 & Industry Reports

The Top 100 report evaluates and tracks diversity at the top 100 companies headquartered in California. It looks at the executive leadership and the board of directors to determine the number of Black Women, Women and Black Men who serve in those roles as it relates to their overall leadership make-up. The report is released annually. In addition, the Empowerment Institute issues industry reports that focuses on traditional and non-traditional roles. It outlines wage and demographic information of Black Women in the field compared to their female counterparts in California.

State of Black Women in California Report

This biannual report focuses on critical issues impacting Black Women and the Black Community including political participation; work and family; health and wellness; employment and earnings; poverty and opportunity; education; violence and safety; and Black Women and aging.

CA Black Women’s Worker Initiative

The Black Women’s Workers Initiative is a pathway program to prepare and secure employment opportunities for Black Women in the public and private sectors. This program recruits Black Women including those from vulnerable communities and former foster youth. It will prepare participants for careers to work in government including local municipals, non-traditional roles and emerging industries. The program includes five sessions of soft skill training along with job preparation coaching along with wrap around service integration. There are two pathways to this initiative – Ready to Work and Pathway to Work. Community and faith-based organizations serve as partners to ensure participants receive the wrap around support they need to qualify for employment.

A Conversation for Black Women – Building an Economic Action Plan

The Empowerment Institute developed A Conversation for Black Women Tour to travel throughout the state to connect Black Women with resources that they need to build an economic action plan. Black Women in CA are not monolithic, and their experience can differ from community to community. This tour is an informative, resource rich events that are designed to reset the conversation and to build the Economic Action Plan for Black Women in attendance. Attendees are connected with resources that help them advance their economic floor including job coaches, recruiters, mentors, apprenticeship programs, homeownership counseling, financial planning, and entrepreneurship support. There are onsite counselors to help assess wrap around service needs. Experts in policymaking, labor, economic development, and entrepreneurship are in attendance to have a robust conversation on what needs to be done to help Black Women build wealth and address disparity gaps through policy and practice.

CA Black Women’s Economic Summit

The CA Black Women’s Economic Summit is an annual event that brings together subject matter experts, business leaders, academia, economists, diversity, equity and inclusion consultants, advocates, etc. to review quantitative and qualitative data on Black Women and quality of life indexes of Black Californians. This one-day event will develop a strategic plan to address systemic barriers that face Black Women as well as assess the current economic safety net infrastructure.

Protect Black Women and Girls from Violence

Far too often, Black Women and Girls who experience violence in their personal, professional and community lives are forced to fight for their voices to be heard. Organizations that focus on domestic violence, sex trafficking and violence against women and girls with the intersection of Black Women and Girls have been uplifting the needs and issue of survivors for decade. The data continues to showcase the need for more attention. The Empowerment Institute is partnering with organizations to launch Protect Black Women and Girls Initiative. It includes public awareness campaigns, policy change, power building and a series of events and activities.

Black Girl Joy Festival & Pop-Up Events

Each year, CABWCEI hosts the Black Girl Joy Festival. This celebration of Black Girls is for middle and high school girls. The event celebrates, uplift and cherish Black Girls. Its focused on providing a safe space for girls to celebrate together, network, learn and discover new things about themselves while having the time of their life. The event goals include bringing together Black middle and high school girls on the CSU Dominguez Hills campus to pamper them with joy, inspiration, education, and mentorship; showcasing Black Women excellence; highlighting the importance of higher education and its achievability; and connecting Black Girls with Mentorship, college readiness and leadership programs. In addition, throughout the year, pop-up events are curated across the state with local partners.

Having Our Say – Black Mothers Narrative funded by First 5 LA

Having Our Say – Black Mothers Narrative, funded by First 5 LA, initiative is to obtain qualitative data that helps shape policies based on the perspective of those who are impacted. The goal is to capture the stories of Black Mothers in the targeted areas and document them in a print and digital tool (e.g., digital, and printed book). These tools will showcase the experiences of Black Mothers who have children under five as they navigate through the health and social systems that they need including but not limited to transportation, social services, healthcare, employment, and childcare. These stories will include testimonies and photography as well as video to use in a social media campaign. The initiative is designed to work with local hospital birthing programs as well as the Black Infant Health programs to identify new mothers as well as partner with community organizations that focus on Black Women in the target community. The approach is to partner with trusted mavens in the communities to ensure that we are honoring the community and cultural norms.

Black Women’s Leadership Development Certificate Program

The Black Women’s Leadership Development Certificate Program is a professional development certificate program designed for Black Women who are ready to lead or new to leadership. This is a leadership development program focused on providing Black Women with the tools they need to flourish in their professional lives. Black Women only represent 3% of executive leadership in the top 100 companies headquartered in California. Although, more than 360,000 Black Women work full or part time jobs, many find it difficult to move up the corporate ladder. Without sponsors, mentors and coaches, Black Women are shut out of leadership roles even if they have the skill sets and desire to reach higher professional levels. This course is designed for California Black Women to provide them with a wide range of interactive and culturally relevant learning sessions that will enhance their leadership actions. Students will build the necessary leadership skills as they learn to plan for leadership, the process of leadership and the practice of leadership. They will leave with an authentic leadership style that includes new ways of approaching leadership, confidence, and fresh perspectives to add more value to their company/organization as well as their professional action plan.

Advancing Equity for Black Women and Girls Policy Fellowship

CA Black Women’s Collective Empowerment Institute Fellowship Program is an initiative under the CA Black Women’s Think Tank, housed at California State University at Dominguez Hills. The Advancing Equity for Black Women and Girls Policy Fellowship is a groundbreaking initiative designed to empower graduate students with the skills and knowledge needed to drive positive change in the lives of Black Women and Girls in California. This fellowship program is committed to advancing equity, addressing systemic inequalities, and shaping inclusive policies that improve the well-being and opportunities for Black Women and Girls across the state.

The Power Table – Conversations for Black Women Podcast

CABWCEI launched The Power Table, a podcast to uplift the issues impacting Black Women
throughout California as well as to provide a platform to highlight the best and brightest Black Women subject matter experts throughout the state. It is a continuation of the in-person programming that is produced under the Leadership Institute. The goal of the podcast is to provide Black Women with information and resources for them to lift their quality of life.

Black Women’s Speakers Series

In partnership with CSU, Dominguez Hills, the Empowerment Institute hosts a CA Black Women’s Speakers Series in March for Women’s History Month. Speakers include business leaders, policy makers, entertainers, authors, and public figures.

We’ve Saved You A Seat Sis Campaign

The Empowerment Institute launched a voter engagement campaign targeting Black Women throughout California. The campaign, We’ve Saved You A Seat Sis, is a voter registration and a voter engagement initiative.

  • Voter Registration – Geo-targeting Black Women via a digital campaign in top 50 zip codes that have at least 8K Black residents and 12 college campuses geographic areas
  • Voter Engagement – A Get Out To Vote (GOTV) campaign using social media, email blasts and partnerships to inform Black Women on the importance of voting, voting logistics, and the importance of them being in the process

The campaign is non-partisan and will not focus on any candidate, proposition, etc. We’ve Saved You A Seat Sis Campaign will geo target Black Women in CA using digital behaviors and key words. Engagement posts will pop up on social media feeds of Black Women who use their mobile and tablets. There is an expected over 2 million impressions over 3 months with 425,000 impressions per month.

The second phase of the campaign is focused on voter engagement. We’ve Saved You A Seat Sis will transition to a message focused on getting Black Women to vote. The California Black Women’s Collective Empowerment Institute will produce a tool kit with materials specifically designed for Black Women for social media, newsletters, tabling, etc. The toolkit will be distributed to partner organizations to use for their get out the vote activities. The Empowerment Institute will start sending out weekly messages to the people from the first phase of the campaign. In addition, a digital marketing campaign will launch in the top 20 zip codes that had the most activity in the first phase. There will also be schedule virtual events as well as in person pop up events at locations that Black Women frequent like beauty shops, nail salon, etc. throughout Feb. and Nov. to push Get Out the Vote.

Policy Summit

Each year, the CA Black Women’s Policy Summit is hosted by the Empowerment Institute with key partners and stakeholders to evaluate current local, state, and federal policy to determine the impact on Black Women and Girls as well as make recommendations to improve the lives and experiences of Black Women and Girls in California.

Black Women’s Legislative Day

This annual event partners with Black Women organizations, groups, and individuals throughout the state to the state capitol to meet with legislators and the administration on key issues that impact California Black Women and Girls. In addition, attendees are provided with training on the legislative process and key policy issues as well as power building to organize locally.

Priority Legislative Platform

The California Black Women’s Collective Empowerment Institute develops a priority legislative platform each year based on its research and issues impacting Black Women and Girl, their families, and the community at large. It aligns with its core focus areas as well as supports policy and practice transformation that improves the lives of Black Women and Girls in California. Through this work, the Empowerment Institute meets with policy makers, advocates, and key partners to ensure meaningful dialogue and change.

Convenings & Events

The Empowerment Institute curates and produces various convening and events throughout the year on emerging and critical issues that impact the quality of life of Black Women and Girls.

CA Black Women’s Trailblazer Hall of Fame Awards

Each year, the CA Black Women’s Trailblazer Hall of Fame Awards are held to honor Black Women Leaders throughout the state in various industries and the community. This serves as a fundraising event for the CA Black Women’s Collective Empowerment Institute.

Ad-hoc Report Cards, White Papers & Reports

Report cards, white papers and reports are issued on key issues that impact Black Women and Girls. Other efforts include highlighting practices and policies of industries and policy makers on their efforts that are critical to Black Californians.

Majestic Magazine and CA Black Women’s Newsletter

The Majestic Magazine is a digital publication that publishes quarterly highlighting the work of the Empowerment Institute as well as Black Women in California. The CA Black Women’s Newsletter is issued monthly focused on providing timely information on upcoming events and activities.

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