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We Will Not Be Deterred!

California Black Women’s Collective Empowerment Institute Issues Statement on the SCOTUS Rejecting the Student Loan Debt Program

California Black Women’s Collective Empowerment Institute, a 501C3 organization, issues the following statement in response to the Supreme Court of the United States ruling that rejected President Biden’s Student Loan Debt Program.

“It's disheartening that the system that is supposed to ensure every American has an equal opportunity to thrive continues to fail Black Americans. Higher education has been a pathway to eliminate historic barriers and should not create additional ones due to cost. The student loan forgiveness program was a lift for many who are saddled with debt, only caused by a desire to have the educational credentials to compete on an equal playing field. Of the 1,077 executives at the top 100 companies headquartered in California, Black Women represent less than 3%. White Women, AAHPI Women, Latinas and Indigenous Women represent 24%, 4.6%, .8% and .04% respectively. Black Men represent 1.2%. This ruling is a rally call for us all to continue our fight to ensure that opportunities are not just for a chosen few. We cannot let this stop our progress to greatness.” – Kellie Todd Griffin, President & CEO, CA Black Women’s Collective Empowerment Institute


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