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Our Work

The California Black Women’s Collective Empowerment Institute (CABWCEI), a 501C3 non-profit organization, focuses on improving the lives of Black Women and Girls throughout the state. Through partnerships with corporate, social, not for profit, and advocacy entities, the Empowerment Institute develops programs and initiatives that have a meaningful impact on dismantling systemic social, economic, and physical barriers. The purpose of the Empowerment Institute is to:

  • Serve as the anchor organization for the CA Black Women’s Think Tank with academic partner, California State University at Dominguez Hills

  • Elevate our voice, power, and participation to secure adequate representation and reparations;

  • Amplify our issues and priorities that are vital to elevate Black Women; organize and leverage;

  • Utilize our extensive talent, influence, networks, and brilliance into areas of collective alignment;

  • Eliminate the racist and sexist attacks on Black Women and Girls; and

  • Elevate the agenda and collective power of Black Women locally and nationally to secure the social and economic safety-net.

Our mission is to uplift the voices and issues of Black Women and Girls in California. Our vision is to improve the lives of California Black Women and Girls. The foundation of our work is anchored by our values – Resilient, Elevate, Advocate, Collaborate, and Hopeful (REACH).

CABWCEI has three core programs – The CA Black Women’s Think Tank, Conversations for Black Women, and Protect Black Women and Girls.

CA Black Women’s Think Tank

The California Black Women’s Collective Empowerment Institute serves as the lead organization for the CA Black Women’s Think Tank, a nonpartisan public policy and training think tank based in California. The following are the issues that the Think Tank will provide ongoing programming and research on Work & Family; Health & Wellness; Employment & Earnings; Poverty & Opportunity; Education; Violence & Safety; and Black Women & Aging.

California State University, Dominguez Hills serves as the academic partner.

CA Black Women's Quality of Life Survey Results

California Black Women’s Collective Empowerment Institute, in collaboration with its research firm Evaritus, produced the first-ever California Black Women’s Quality of Life Survey. This groundbreaking study collected insights from 1,258 Black women voters across California to understand their most pressing concerns, experiences and issues in California. To read the full report, click here and the presentation, click here.

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Conversations for Black Women's - Building An Economic Action Plan

The California Black Women’s Collective Empowerment Institute, a 501C3 organization, is launching a tour throughout the state focused on empowering Black Women with information to improve their economic status. The Conversation for Black Women – Building an Economic Action Plan Tour, sponsored by BMO, will travel to six locations throughout the state. 


This tour will be informative, resource rich events that are designed to reset the conversation and to build the Economic Action Plan for Black Women in attendance. Attendees will connect with resources to help them including job coaches, recruiters, mentors, apprenticeship programs, homeownership counseling, financial planning, and entrepreneurship support.


There will be onsite counselors to help assess wrap around service needs. Experts in policymaking, labor, economic development, and entrepreneurship will be on hand to provide insights on the way to help Black Women build wealth and address economic and social disparity gaps through policy and practice transformation.

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Black Girl Joy Festival

CA Black Women’s Collective Empowerment Institute’s Black Girl Joy Festival is a day full of celebration, empowerment and pure joy!  Along with our academic partner, California State University Dominguez Hills, we take over its vibrant campus. Its an unforgettable experience where we will uplift and cherish beautiful Black Girls, in a safe space them to learn while having the time of our lives.


The exciting lineup includes free workshops that will prepare you for college, unleash your inner dance diva, boost your self-defense skills, get your health screenings, explore the rhythms of sound drum & yoga, nurture your artistic talent with arts & crafts, master the art of Double Dutch, and indulge in delicious food while having a blast! 

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