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Voter Engagement Initiative

We've Saved You A Seat, Sis!

California Black Women’s Collective Empowerment Institute, a 501C3 nonprofit organization, launched We've Saved You A Seat Sis Campaign to engage Black Women throughout California to register and get out to vote in the 2024 elections. Black Women have always been the backbone of our democracy and its imperative that we all participate in making meaningful change happen in California. That starts with being an active participant in the political process.

Register to Vote

Registering to vote is a fundamental civic duty and a cornerstone of any vibrant democracy. It is a powerful means by which we can participate in shaping the direction of our nation, state, or community.


By registering and exercising our right to vote, we ensure that our voices are heard and that we have a say in electing the leaders who will make critical decisions affecting our lives, from education and healthcare to the economy and social justice.


Voting empowers individuals to hold elected officials accountable, advocate for the changes they desire, and collectively work towards a more inclusive and equitable society. In essence, registering to vote is not merely a right but a responsibility, a pathway to active citizenship, and a means to effect positive change in California.


And we know together we can make that change happen, which is what we are committed to do! 


The California Black Women's Collective Empowerment Institute's mission is to uplift the issues and voices of Black Women and Girls throughout the state. The We've Saved You A Seat, Sis campaign is focused on increasing the number of Black Women who are registered to vote as well as to get them out to vote. Throughout the campaign, we will engage and inform Black Women throughout the state on why voting is important to improving our quality of life.


In our recent survey of more than 1,200 Black Women voters in California, they shared the most important concerns they face in the current social and economic climate; their attitudes toward the state and federal elected leaders and the responsiveness of those leaders to their concerns; and their top policy priorities for improving the lives of women and girls in California. The results of the study paint a sobering portrait of a highly engaged segment of the electorate that is heavily burdened by social and economic pressures that threaten their stability and financial security.


Although we were not shocked by the data, we recognize the importance of taking immediate action to change these disparaging facts. The We've Saved You A Seat, Sis Campaign was created to be part of the solution by getting more Black Women involved in the political process where decisions are made on whether we get the resources and services we need to strengthen, repair and create our economic and social safety nets...regardless of their political affiliation. We need more diverse voices at the table where decisions are being made. 

Join the campaign and let's get you registered Sis! 

Let's Get You Registered!

Our Issues

As we advocate for positive change, it is crucial to amplify the voices of Black women and work collaboratively to dismantle the systemic barriers that have perpetuated these issues. By addressing these challenges, we can help Black women access the economic safety nets they deserve and improve their overall quality of life, contributing to a more equitable and just society.


  • Equal Pay for Equal Work: Advocating for policies that close the racial and gender pay and wealth gaps.

  • Healthcare Access: Ensuring equal access to quality healthcare and addressing racial disparities in healthcare outcomes.

  • Maternal Health: Implementing policies and practices to reduce maternal mortality rates among Black women.

  • Affordable Housing: Expanding access to affordable housing and addressing housing insecurity.

  • Criminal Justice Reform: Working towards criminal justice reform to address disparities in incarceration rates.

  • Education Equity: Investing in education equity initiatives to ensure Black women have the same educational opportunities as their peers.

  • Support for Caregivers: Providing support and resources to help Black women balance caregiving responsibilities with their career aspirations.

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